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How to pick your perfect pair of Hunter Boots. 

Finding the perfect pair of Hunters is no easy task. We often come across customers who are unsure of the best style for them. Which boots fit their lifestyle? Should they go up or down a size? How do they best care for their boots?
With this in mind we thought we would share all our insider knowledge on the most popular styles with you lovely lot, so you find the right pair of Hunters. Aren’t we a helpful bunch?

General Wear

The iconic Original Tall Boots have been around for nearly sixty years. Perfect for gentle country strolls, festivals or the fine British wet weather, this classic style comes in a vast array of colours, so you are sure to find something that suits your tastes.

They come in two different finishes: gloss or the original matte. Which you pick is purely personal preference. I own the gloss version, simply because they are red and I feel like Paddington Bear. Like I said, personal preference!

Find the Original Tall Boots a little, er, tall? Well fear not my vertically challenged friends, the Original Short Boots are perfect for your requirements. The only difference is they finish mid calf so they will not catch on the back of your knees.

Hunters tend to lean towards a slim fitting around the calf and ankle. If the Original Shorts mentioned above are unsuitable for your requirements, the Huntress may be. A slightly shorter boot height and wider calf provides a more comfortable fit. Your boots will also be much easier to pull on and off. Again it is available in both gloss or matte finishes.

An alternative to the Huntress is the Original Tall Adjustable Boot. This features a strap adjustment either on the back or front, allowing expansion on the calf when required. Some people prefer the detailing of the adjustable or want the option to wear thicker socks/trousers when required.

Sometimes you require a waterproof boot but you still want to look smart; the Original Refined Back Strap is exactly what you need. A slim fit boot that combines style with function, this is the perfect choice for rainy days in the city.

The tread depth is slightly shallower than the Original Tall and the rubber is not quite as thick to provide a sleeker silhouette. This means they aren't quite as substantial if you are planning on lots of long muddy walks, but they can still hold their own.

A newer addition to the Hunter family, the Original Chelsea Boot is a super short version of the Original Tall with elasticated sides. Finishing at the ankle, they are a great alternative to your standard ankle boots.

Smart enough to be used daily, but tough and of course waterproof like a wellington, they are versatile little boots. Wear with a classic parka and skinny jeans for an edgy look or denim shorts for a festival vibe.  

Performance Boots

The next step up is the Norris Field Boot. This is ideal if you are requiring more performance than an Original Tall can offer, but do not need a full working boot.

The zig zag sole is designed to provide extra traction, and is perfect for muddy conditions. A new softer rubber construction gives better flexibility and strength to the boot, along with an extra reinforced panel on the front. Overall, this means greater durability. They are tougher than the Original Tall so they are better at handling rougher terrains.

Working Boots

Hunter offers some fantastic working boots. If you are planning on walking long distances several times a week, for instance dog walking on a regular basis, you will require a heavier duty boot than either the Original Tall or Norris Field provide.
The Balmoral range provides all the style credentials of a Hunter boot, combined with the high performance you need. One of our most popular boots in the Balmoral range is the Lady Neoprene.

It has a 3mm neoprene lining designed to your legs toasty warm, while the multi directional heavy duty sole provides excellent grip in the most treacherous conditions. The shin and forefoot have reinforced rubber panels for extra strength and protection making these some of the hardest wearing boots you can buy and a kick spur enables easy removal. An additional set of 3mm insoles are provided so if the fit isn’t perfect for you, it can be altered. The leg gusset is also adjustable offering more width if required. Overall, this is a comfortable, strong, hardwearing boot that can tackle any harsh conditions thrown its way and is ideal for regular, prolonged use. The Balmoral Neoprene is also available in a Men’s Boot, so no one is left out!

Children’s Boots

Ideal for tiny feet, the Kids First Boot is specifically designed with toddlers in mind.

They feature a wider fitting around the leg which makes pulling these boots on or off a doddle, and the sole is flat which makes it easier for little feet to walk or splash around in. They come in a variety of bright colours and start from a size 4, making these the smallest Hunters you can buy.
Similar in design to the Kids First, the main difference between this and Davison Kids is the adjustable strap to the side, allowing a bit more room if necessary. There is a pull tab and kick spur so your little one should be able to pull the boots off themselves. They also feature strip reflectors on the top and bottom of each boot for added safety. Starting at a size 7, these are the perfect bridge between Kids First and Original Kids.
Original Kids Boots are a mini version of the classic adult boot. The tread is more substantial than the Kids First or Davison Kids, providing the grip and support growing feet require. Sizing starts from a size 7, but do be aware that these boots are slightly taller than anything else in the Kids Range, so they may be too tall for little legs. The Original Kids go up to a size 4, catering for all age ranges.


We are often asked if you need a size smaller or larger in Hunters. Generally, we find the same size you regularly take is the size you will require. If you wear shearling insoles or boot socks, it can add up to half a size in the boot. Hunters do not come in half sizes. It is also worth bearing in mind that a boots height is directly proportional to its foot size, meaning that an increase in size will mean an increase in height. 


Everyone knows someone who has a pair of Hunters they have owned for several years. Your Hunter boots can last equally as long if cared for properly. One of the most important things to remember is when you have finished wearing your boots, rinse or wipe off any mud/grass/dirt and leave to dry naturally. Do not use any source of heat to wash or dry them. Once they are completely dry, you are good to store them away. 
Over time, your boots may at some point acquire a white powdery film. Don’t worry your boots aren’t defective. This is known as a “bloom” and is completely normal. Rubber is a natural material and as such, white particles can rise to the surface under certain conditions, causing a white bloom. To remove it, simply spray on Hunter Rubber Buffer and wipe off using a clean dry cloth. For even greater convenience and added shine, try the Hunter Boot Shine Sponge. 

That pretty much covers the basics, but if there is something you want to know about a specific product or anything we missed, just ask us.

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